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Atlanta Georgia Marriage Counselor Michael Sytsma

Michael Sytsma, PhD has a Marriage and Family Therapy doctorate and is a Certified Sex Therapist in Suwanee, Georgia. As a therapist, he specializes in working with affair recovery, sex therapy (especially desire issues) and general marriage therapy. In addition to his therapy work, Dr. Sytsma speaks and leads workshops nationally, including the Passionate Intimacy [...]


Marietta Georgia Marriage Counselor Joan Miller PhD

For over 30 years, Joan Miller, Ph.D., has been practicing as an individual and couple’s therapist on Windy Hill Road in Marietta, GA. She helps clients learn effective strategies to improve their lives and their relationships. To learn more about how she can help you, call 770-952-3308 for a free twenty minute consultation.


Northwest Georgia Marriage Counselor Charles Allen

Charles is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has lived in Georgia since 1975. Having worked for over 13 years in public mental health, he has had valuable experience with patients diagnosed with depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. The primary focus of Charles’ practice now is to help pre-marital couples prepare a strong foundation for marriage, [...]