Working Through a Criminal Case with the Help of Marriage Counseling

Philip Smith Denver Defense AttorneyFeatured Guest Post by Philip M. Smith about how marriage counseling can help get you through a criminal case.

He has been arrested and she is convinced their marriage is over. An accusation of a crime of any sort can be devastating for any married couple. The strain of a pending legal case can overwhelm the strongest relationship.

Being in criminal law and married for over three decades I know firsthand a successful career and marriage comes with highs and lows. It is what each individual chooses to do with the challenges that make it or break down the relationship.

Newlyweds are celebrating with friends. Both become tipsy and begin to argue over money. A little push here and a little shove there and we have the ingredients for domestic violence and harassment. A concerned neighbor calls the police. The police arrive and separate the couple. The wife makes a drama queen video statement for the arresting officer which she will come to regret. The husband spends the night in jail.

Criminal cases take months and years to complete. It gives me an opportunity to get to know my clients. During this time I realized my client and his wife were following in their parents’ footsteps and not in a good way.

She came from a home where the mother pushed and the father shoved. It took a bit of time to convince her what she thought was normal was in fact very destructive. He came from screamers. If their behavior didn’t stop they would be repeating everything they learned from their parents and most likely have more serious criminal charges ahead of them.

These kids needed skills and tools-now. I recommended marriage counseling and individual counseling. It is important my clients find therapists and physicians that understand the criminal justice system so we can work together to achieve the best results. If someone is convicted of domestic violence the court orders domestic violence classes but they are only for the defendant by design.

The criminal case was eventually dismissed. This young couple learned very valuable lessons about the law and each other. Never put your hands on each other in anger and a healthy, happy marriage is filled with love, laughter and counseling sessions when things get rough. More was covered on this topic in a related post titled, What Are You Broadcasting?

Phil Smith is a criminal defense lawyer in Denver Colorado. He has practiced criminal law as a Navy JAG, prosecutor, judge and private attorney for over 34 years. Phil has also been happily married for over 36 years.

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